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Tony Robbins KEY Principles:-


1. Be Passionate

“Do what you really love and you will never work a single day in your life”. For example, if you are into computers but you are forced to do artwork, would you ever be happy doing this? Do something you are passionate about!


2. 100% Dedication To Achieve Goals

You should not waste time just making goals. Declare your life goals as ‘must-get’ things for the future. With this level of dedication, you will surely find yourself on the other side of the river.
It is no doubt that, building castles in the air will result in nothing but a sandstorm, so it is always better to build a strong basis of everything that you are planning for your life and then slowly but constantly make progress on it.


3. Respect Your Potential Customers

Respecting your potential is very important, because these are the people who will spend their money on buying your services or products.


4. Handle Your Problems Smartly, Not Forcibly

You might have seen people working hard to get things done that could easily be done with some smart ideas.


Let’s take an example of a labourer who pushes really hard to drag heavy metal objects and shifts them from one location to another by pushing a cart having no wheels under it and at the same time another labourer is also doing the same task but is using a cart with wheels beneath it. Who would work faster? Of course, the labourer using wheels beneath the cart.


Always find ways to get your work done using smart methods!


5. A Focused Mindset Will Bring You Anything That You Have Always Dreamed off

During Tony Robbins events, he has always emphasised that changing our old, pathetic mindset is very important. If we really want to achieve big goals then we will have to change the way we think.


A positive attitude towards your problems can give you a sense of hope and drive in overcoming the obstacles.


6. Learn To Accept

Not every idea works. Hundreds of ideas may be produced but only a few may work. So, you should have the courage to admit and accept that an idea may not be suitable. Keep trying. If something doesn’t work, find a new idea!

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