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Tony Robbins on How to Stay Hungry


There is a thing that we call as a FUTURE GOAL and as you may know these future goals can NEVER be achieved when you are living in fear of losing, or if you have a blurry image of your goal and most importantly no love, passion or call it hunger for something that you have always dreamed off.


Imagining your future goals is the first step… Your passion will act as the first gear. However, you will never reach your destinations until or unless you have an inner hungry instinct of wining.


The master of motivation – TONY ROBBINS always suggests to stay hungry; because hunger always leads to something extraordinary.



Why Tony Robbins Think That Hunger of Winning is The Biggest Motivation That You Can Always Get?


I am going to give you an example which will help you understand this concept.


Have you ever imagined why a thief always loots people at gunpoint, in spite of the fear of getting killed by the cops? Let me tell you, because the individuals hungry stomach helps the individual overcome any fears faced.


Your hunger will always play a supportive role before you take any bold decisions.


Tony Robbins thinks that people with a clear imagination of their future and hunger of winning over their problems and fears are always more than just being successful.


A hungry workman will always work more than anyone else in the office because hunger is the key, to achieving something that the naysayers will always tell you not to follow.


Your hunger is the proof of your dedications towards your goals.


Stay hungry, act wild and achieve success!

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